East Bay Restaurants

I started this blog because I love to eat great food and think that the Fremont areas has very few really good restaurants.  I will write a review for at least one restaurant a month and post my thoughts.     This month is pizza. A family staple, pizza was first created in italy and really blossomed after WWII in America.  Our guys ate pizza in Italy and brought the idea home to America.  I have eaten Pizza all over the East Bay and hands down the winner is Ta Da!!!!  Bronco Billy’s in Niles, Fremont.  A great crust is the foundation for any good pizza.  My test is whether the crust is tasty all by itself.  Bronco Billie’s crust is from fresh dough and is fantastic.  Next, is there enough sauce and does it have that tangy flavor necessay for a contrast to the cheese?  Again,  the sauce is perfect.  Fianlly, is there enough cheese and are the topping of good quality?  If you like a cheesy, gooey, pizza then this is the place to go.  You won’t find any gourmet ingredients, just plain, good food.


About franniesfoodie

I live in the East Bay and love to eat great food. Sometimes I feel like Fremont is a food desert. thats why I'm starting this blog.
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